Abc Books Crafts For Kids To Make

Flying Saucer

You'll be seeing ufo's coming in from outer space when the kids are done making flying saucers. The directions for making them can be found at Preschool Crafts For Kids.

There are many other colors of paper plates to choose from on Amazon.

Bumble Bee

A cute project that even the littlest kids will enjoy making and showing. Preschool Crafts For Kids has the directions for making this bee.

Easter Hat

Better start planning a Spring tea party with the little girls. Have making these hats part of the party. Go to mama jenn for the information you need to make it.

Fall Scarecrow

Here is a quick and easy fall craft to make with the kids. Find the instructions on the KABOOSE site.


All the little dinosaur lovers will delight in this paper plate craft. You'll find the instructions for making the dinosaurs is found at a little delightful.

Baseball Clock

The children will have fun learning about telling time with this teacher's resource. Everyone can make their own clock using the directions at Learning Ideas - Grades K-8.

Sharpie permanent markers are my favorite for craft projects.

Black Cat

I love the looks of this modern looking cat. Make Halloween decorations using this idea and the instructions shown at CRAFTS BY Amanda.

Happy Feet Penguin

Make these little penguins after watching the movie, "Happy Feet." What's not to love about cute penguins? Find the instructions at Crafts jr.

Celestial Angel

Make lots of angels to help celebrate the Christmas season or just to enjoy making angels. Activity village is where to find the directions.

Birdies in Nest

These look a little more like baby chicks, so I think this would be a great Easter project. Go to Krafty Kid for the instructions.

Here Comes the Sun

Use this as a rainy day project to chase the blues away. This shining project can be found on the KABOOSE site.

Holy Spirit Dove

This is an outstanding project to use in a christian lesson about the Holy Spirit. Go to Catholic Icing for the directions.

Peel and Stick Wiggle eyes work great on paper plate projects.

Panda Bear

Just like the teddy bear, the panda bear is a favorite of children. Find the instructions for this project at KABOOSE.

Colorful Snail

Preschool Crafts For Kids has the directions for making this colorful snail. The little ones will love making this snail.

Valentine Holder

The children can keep all the Valentines they receive in this Valentine card holder. Kids Crafts shows how to make it.

Pilgrim Boy

Kids always find it easier to learn when they can make an art project about the subject too. Make this a Thanksgiving project for the kids to remember. Go to Preschool Crafts For Kids to find out how to make this Pilgrim boy.

Pilgrim Girl

Preschool Crafts For Kids also has the how-to for making a Pilgrim girl.

You'll always have a project handy for the kids with Craft a Day.

Craft-a-Day: 365 Simple Handmade Projects

by Sarah Goldschadt

Have rainy day projects at your fingertips.

Scarecrow With Felt

This scarecrow uses felt and textured paper in the directions that you'll find at No Time For Flash Cards.


St. Patrick's Day wouldn't be the same without making a couple leprechaun for decorations. Go to KABOOSE for the directions.


Kids love to make musical instruments and acting like they have a band. Let them make their own tambourine. You can find the instructions for this tambourine project at Preschool Crafts For Kids.

Football Player

The boys will be especially interested in making a football player. They can make their favorite team player by changing the helmet color. Go to DLTK to find the directions.

Frog Puppet

You'll be charmed by this little frog. The directions can be found at the Disney site.


Have the kids make butterflies in a variety of colors and designs to make your classroom ready for Spring. Family Crafts gives instructions on how to make them. USA, LLC

I like to shop for craft supplies at Walmart because of their low prices. Online shopping for convenience.


After decorating and making a Frisbee, the kids can play a game with them. CRAFTS BY Amanda shows you how to make a Frisbee using paper plates.

Bunny in a Nest

Add some Easter grass and a few colorful jelly beans to the basket to finish this cute project by Crafts and Activities for the Elderly. The directions, for old or young, are easy to follow.

Ring Toss

Another great rainy day or indoor project that will keep the kids busy for a long time. Directions can be found at Little Learning for two.

Farm Animals

Learn how to make farm animals using paper plates by going to and following the instructions at Living on a Latte.

Paper Plate Fish

You can make a whole school of fish for a bulletin board or to hang from the ceiling by using the directions given at Dana Made.


You can almost feel the cold when you look at this snowman. Have fun making snowmen indoors by finding the instructions on the Artsy Craftsy Mom site.

Angel Wings

Whether you want to make angel wings for a Christmas play or a Halloween costume, you can find the instructions for making these paper plate wings at maker mama.

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abc books crafts for kids to make

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